Cycling and music

This isn’t a discussion about whether it’s a good idea to listen to music while cycling (I don’t), but rather cycling and music is what I’m doing this week: it’s the week when Die hosts a choral course under the direction of Monique Cieren, and I’ve again been asked to play in the orchestra. Well, … More Cycling and music

Keeping it local

A bits-&-pieces day after yesterday’s ride: not much to say other than here are photos of happy piglets at Les Cochons d’Ausson (their owner has a stall every Wednesday and Saturday at Die Market), a vineyard at St Roman (my short cycle route was out to Pont de Quart via the back road, and back … More Keeping it local

More clouds…

This is my fifth summer in my house, and each August seems to have a little ‘weather wobble’ somewhere. I do like warmth and blue skies, but there’s no doubting the ‘service to photography’ of the infinitely variable nature of clouds. After what could be described as a bit of a ‘Dartmoor day’ (grey and … More More clouds…

Plan B

A forecast change of weather today (cooler!) had me planning a Vercors fest, but having got up early, I looked at the cloud cap on Vercors, and headed south instead, on a standard Roanne Valley (more lavender!), col de Lescou & Saoû route, to avoid a slog into a strong northerly. Right on cue the … More Plan B