A grand départ

After yesterday’s drenching today’s weather came as a great relief – not only as I was able to get out for a dry (if breezy) ride, but also as I’ve been able to dry everything from yesterday’s ride, and clean the house with windows and doors wide open. I’ve even let the fire go out. … More A grand départ

Il pleut…

It serves me right for thinking the worst of the rain had passed. Well, it probably had – it had been raining all day, with some heavy downpours mixed in – but that didn’t mean to say I wouldn’t get drenched. By 3pm, any ambitions for a longer ride had passed, and a quick Quint … More Il pleut…

Further February frolics

A warmer start to the day today, and no risk of early ice on main roads, so I headed south for a standard La Charce – La Motte-Chalancon – Roanne valley route to make the most of the morning sun forecast. Though, as you know, nothing really classes as ‘standard’ around here.

Damp Die, dry Drôme

I guessed correctly on the weather today. Unlike yesterday, this morning’s weather did all it could to persaude me to stay in the house: dense drizzle, clouds lurking in all the valley’s nooks and crannies, and not warm. A quick study of the rainfall radar suggested that heading west would at least keep me dry, … More Damp Die, dry Drôme

Snow: morning walk

Sometimes I might have a grumble if my cycling is affected by the weather. But not this morning. Steady overnight snow left about 10cm at sunrise this morning (by which time the snow plough had already done all the local roads!), and it was time to go for the first walk of the day, just … More Snow: morning walk

Drômois drama

It was anything but dull today. I woke up to a dense snow flurry, and next it was sunshine. And so it continued for the rest of the day. I saved my ride (a there-and-back eoute to Saoû forest and the Col de Lauzun) for after my early lunch, as the precipitations were forecast to … More Drômois drama

Die does dull

I hope you’ll forgive my monosyllabic alliteration, but today’s weather wasn’t wholly inspiring… well, other than to eat hot soup and put more logs in the woodburner. I had planned a shortish route to Saoû, but a cold shower turned me around at Saillans, so I made a detour over the col de Marignac for … More Die does dull