Recovery ride

Feeling a bit more with it this morning, time to do a more medium-length ride, this time to a col I’ve not done in February. Col de la Chaudière is not one to do if there’s the slightest risk of ice, as it’s never salted, but with this week’s mild weather, it seemed like an … More Recovery ride

February warmth

It sometimes pays to wait. It was just 4.5C when I woke this morning. In my post-viral state I was in no hurry to get out, so passed the morning doing exciting things like washing sheets, baking my favourite almond cake, and eating home-made squash soup. And by that time the temperature was up to … More February warmth

February 2017

​After the big European freeze in January, I’d been hoping that my February getaway wouldn’t be problematic, so it was good to see the forecasts for this half-term week looking considerably more promising than feared. It’s going to be a thin year for me here this year, so I don’t want to waste any precious … More February 2017