Here’s a round-up of the routes I’ve mentioned in the blog. All but two of the routes start and end in Die. Check weather conditions carefully if you are going on any of these routes if out of season or ascending the higher cols. The most realistic forecasts for Die are on Meteociel, but also be aware that the weather on Vercors or over towards Grenoble can be vastly different from in Die.

You can search all my RideWithGPS routes here (the list includes all my Devon routes too, but if you sort the list by name by clicking on the ‘Route name’ heading, most of my French routes will come alphabetically under ‘Die’) – 85 miles to Valdrôme – 56 miles to Les Grands Goulets – 72 miles to Bourdeaux and Col de Pennes – 22 miles up & down the Col de Rousset – 32 miles to Col de Pennes the simple way – 24 mile training loop to Luc-en-Diois – 16 mile training loop to Recoubeau – 18-mile hill training loop to St Julien-en-Quint – 39-mile TT training loop to Aouste-sur-Lye – 84 miles to La Bégude de Mazenc – 78 miles to Mens – 91 miles to Les Gorges de la Bourne – 87 miles to Dieulefit – 89 miles to Combe Laval – 68 miles to La Charce – 66 miles to Saoû via the Vallée de la Roanne – 82 miles to the Col de la Battaille – 95 miles to la Coucourde and Livron – 80 miles to Gigors, Col des Limouches & Crest – 74 miles from Clelles to Col de Noyer – 94 miles to Rosans and back via Lesches-en-Diois – 94 miles from Die to the Rhône and back via Bourdeaux – 68 miles to St Nazaire and La Motte Chalancon – 73 miles via Cols de Grimone, la Haute Beaume and Cabre – 62 miles to Crest and Saoû – 76 miles to Saoû and back via cols de Lescou and Muse – 86 miles to La Charce and Saoû – 81 miles to Combovin and Gigors via Col Jérôme Cavalli  – 102 flat miles to Montélimar – 50-mile loop (anticlockwise) to La Chapelle and Vassieux – 80 miles to La Charce, Serres and Valdrôme – 95 hard miles to the Col d’Allimas – 65 miles via the cols of Chamauche and Planlara – 85 miles to both sides of Combe Laval – 97 miles to Gorges de la Bourne & col d’Herbouilly – 60 miles to the highest metalled road on the Vercors plateau – 97 miles to Col des Deux under the spectacular eastern flank of  Vercors.

And last, but not least – when I cycled to Die from home, here’s the French part of the trip, which I spread over five days: – 528 miles St Malo to Die.



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