Summer’s gone

So, time to leave after seven weeks here. It has, of course been lovely – not just for the endlessly enchanting scenery, and the joy of being able to see so much of it while riding a bike, but mostly for the memories the experiences create. And foremost among the memorable  pleasures has been welcoming … More Summer’s gone

Flat and hilly

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but one of the reasons I don’t tire of riding around here is the wide choice of roads and terrain. My Devon riding is hilly, whichever direction I go in: even the ‘flat’ bits are constantly undulating. If you go to the edges (the coast) or the middle (Dartmoor), … More Flat and hilly

Back on the D93

​If the weather’s still good (it is!) in the week following the bank holiday, it’s a nice time to be here. The hordes of holiday-makers start to evaporate, Die market stops being a scrum, and the main Drôme valley road, the D93 becomes pleasant to cycle on again. For the busiest part of the summer, … More Back on the D93

Diversions: D271 to St-Nazaire-le-Désert

​Just a short one: if you’re descending from Col de Planlara towards St-Nazaire-le-Désert, where the road doubles back on itself (signposted to St Nazaire), if you have just a few minutes to spare, head straight on to the D271, signposted to Montnègre. Instead of carrying on descending, you’ll have a short gentle ascent, giving you … More Diversions: D271 to St-Nazaire-le-Désert