Rarely routine

With another warm day forecast, and market to do, a quickish early spin up the Gorges des Gåts, the Boulc tunnel (whose lighting seems to have improved), and the col de Miscon. As I did it, I realised that I’d not done this in the early morning before, and the light was stunning. And I … More Rarely routine

More sunflowers

It’s another scorcher of a day today (the last two have both broken the 40C barrier), so another earlier and shortish ride today, just over the Quint Valley col de la Croix to Beaufort-sur-Gervanne and back along the Drôme. But even on a ‘routine’ ride here there’s normally a visual reward or two, and today’s … More More sunflowers

Chamaloc lavender

As an addendum to my previous lavender post, here are a couple of shots from today’s early ascent of col de Rousset (en route to a rather splendid ‘Diversion’). I have a feeling that it’ll be replanted in the not-too-distant future, but it’s still not an unwelcome sight.

Col de Mens (1117m)

Yet another “last col over 1000m within a day’s ride from Die”… if it is actually the last one for me to find, it’s a spectacular one to finish the list with. The col de Mens is not a col you’ll find by accident, unless you’ve always wanted to go to Tréminis: even then, you’re … More Col de Mens (1117m)

Road resurfacing

It’s always interesting to see what roads have been resurfaced by the time I return for the summer. Two significant ones were being done when I was here in June: the approach to Die (which was truly awful), and the col de Rousset. I’m now en route to Mens and the col de Mens, and … More Road resurfacing

A lavender hunt

With the legs still getting run in for Alpine riding, today seemed like a good day to do col de Rousset and my 50-mile la Chapelle route. Part of the plan was to get some really good photos of the oft-snapped lavender in Chamaloc, and with a good forecast, my guess that the lavender would … More A lavender hunt