A different Easter

I’m coming towards the end of my fourth Easter here, and something different this time: both my mum and brother are here, so a change of transport – a car. Bikes would have rather restricted our exploits.

Unfortunately the sun has mostly been on holiday elsewhere, and with some extremely strong southerly winds, a lit fire in the house has been necessary all week. But it’s still been enjoyable showing new sights to fresh eyes, even under some leaden skies and dodging the rain. It would have been even better still if both my mum and I hadn’t had colds too!

My next visit will be in late July, when I hope that more warmth and sunshine will be in residence. In the meantime, a view of Die Cathedral from the Médiateque, with what looks like a tsunami behind (but is in fact one of the typical Vercors cloud caps), and one at the start of the amazing Gorges de la Bourne.

My aim to drive the length of this road from Pont-en-Royans to Villard-de-Lans was thwarted by a ‘route barrée’ barrier (well notified from well before). Work has been ongoing for at least a couple of years to safeguard this fragile miracle of road building: it appears that the top part from Rencurel is finished, and that once the part below is done, this marvel will be fully open (from early June 2016) for future generations to enjoy. (Note to cyclists: not even you will be able to negotiate a passage through the closed road: it really is closed, and it’s a very long diversion!)

It’s on my list for a return visit, on the bike, in August this year – I’ll be sure to post a full report if and when.