Diversion: Col des Deux (1222m), D242

This should really go in both categories of cols over 1000m, and Diversions. I planned it as a diversion from the straight descent from col de l’Allimas and Gresse-en-Vercors northwards (I’ve only ever ascended that bit) – it is certainly a fabulous diversion, and has little ascent to the col before descending, when coming from Gresse.

However, it’s also a corker of a col (which you’d really be aware of) coming from the St Andéol/St Guillaume end, with a real sting in the tail.

Anyway, whichever way you do it, it’s a splendid diversion, running parallel to the eastern ridge of Vercors, with stunning views of its craggy and imposing face.

If you like road numbers, it’s the D242, and I cut through to St Guillaume on the D242a, as my legs were asking to go home by then. And I had enough photos.


4 thoughts on “Diversion: Col des Deux (1222m), D242

  1. A couple of practical questions based on my own experience cycling solo in France with no backup (and very basic French): do you carry ID in the case of an accident and what is your frequency of punctures?


    1. Yes, carry basic ICE, but will probably get some helmet stickers, as that’s always on me while riding.

      Re punctures… hmm, very rarely, probably about 3 in over 10,000 miles here. I always carry two inner tubes, and patches, just in case.

      If I were really stuck, I’ve got a couple of different people I could call, in extremis, who’d rescue me, eventually, if I were totally desperate. But generally French folk are really helpful, and though the population is sparse here, you’re never far away from habitation of some sort.


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