Summer’s gone

So, time to leave after seven weeks here. It has, of course been lovely – not just for the endlessly enchanting scenery, and the joy of being able to see so much of it while riding a bike, but mostly for the memories the experiences create.

And foremost among the memorable  pleasures has been welcoming friends to stay – eleven in all (including four non-cyclists, though I’ll let baby Jemima off!) Some were returning, some were new to the area, and they all had smiles on their faces on arrival, and departure. And while they were here, some fun was had.

As for me, away from work, it’s when every day is a cycling day. Actually, there was just one day when not a pedal was turned. But even with that lapse, I know I’ll have done more leisure/training miles here, in seven weeks, than I will in Devon over the rest of the year. The final total:  2935 miles, and, this time, only three miles in the rain… coming back from the swimming pool.

I’m back at the end of October: we’ll see what that brings.

Photos from a last day blustery col de Rousset ascent. I never tire of these views.


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