Flat and hilly

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but one of the reasons I don’t tire of riding around here is the wide choice of roads and terrain. My Devon riding is hilly, whichever direction I go in: even the ‘flat’ bits are constantly undulating. If you go to the edges (the coast) or the middle (Dartmoor), things get even more challenging.

Here, of course, you have hills: lots of them, and reasonably big ones, including the Vercors Plateau (which internally is very lumpy). But then there’s the Drôme Valley road, which rises just 600m over 60 miles, and the vast plains near the Rhône.

So, devising routes gives almost limitless options. Today’s route really mixed it up: flat as a gently sloping pancake west to Crest; a little lumpy to Combovin, in the shadow of Vercors’ western extreme; then valley-hopping heading back east to Die, going over three cols (Jérôme Cavalli, de la Croix, and de Marignac) to get back to Die.

A cracking ride, and after the D93, all on back roads. I think that after Crest I was passed by fewer cars than the number of vultures I saw soaring overhead near Combovin.

Route (though you can simplify the route in Crest itself, as RidewithGPS thinks there are one-way streets where there aren’t): https://ridewithgps.com/routes/16502851


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