A ride to Presles

It serves me right for mentioning to friend Jérôme that I had ticked off all the Vercors cols now. He asked me if I knew the one near Presles. Map out, and it seems that somehow I’d missed the highest road col on the whole of Vercors: the Col du Mont Noir.

That will get its own post, but as I like to write about cols within a day’s ride of Die, I had the fun of devising the route. So, up to Col de Rousset, straight down to St Agnan, then Les Grands Goulets (the tunnel, not the now-closed balcony road) and Petits Goulets. Then round to Pont-en-Royans to start Les Gorges de la Bourne, but soon heading off left towards Presles.

After the descent to Col de Romeyère, then the return across Vercors, via La Chapelle and Vassieux. I’ve realised that Col de Rousset to Grands Goulets via St Agnan is a blissful descent, but a gruelling ascent that I really dislike (it’s 600m of ascent over about 15 miles). The return via La Chapelle breaks the climbing into three chunks… and gives a chance to visit a favourite café in La Chapelle too.

Oh, and in case you’re interested, the ride was 95 miles, with just over 10,000ft of ascent. And five pieces of rocket-power almond cake were consumed in the process.

The route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/16205477


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