On foot: Col de Rousset goat track

​Just occasionally I’ll forgo two wheels in favour of two feet, but generally only if it will get me somewhere that two wheels can’t go.

If you’ve come to this area and been to Col de Rousset, you might have spotted the construction across the western cliff face: this is a 19th-century goat track, now much used by walkers to access the upper grasslands of Vercors. It looks a bit scary from a distance, but is actually an easy and safe way up.

And from parking your car near the Die end of the tunnel, a simple there-and-back walk will give you an outstanding experience. After emerging from the trees, at the end of the track to the signpost, turn left up the hill, following the well-trodden track for about 20 minutes to reach a cairn. The views will tell you you’ve arrived.

To the east and north east, the cliffs that look over the Col de Rousset road, and beyond, Le Grand Veymont, and just the top of Mont Aiguille. To the south east and south, the Drôme valley and, in the distance, Mont Ventoux.

But pick your day carefully – a calm summer’s day with good visibility will have you staring at the views for ages. Walking time is about two hours with no rush. 


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