Combe Laval and Tunnel du Pionnier

Paris2Romers Andy and Keith thought that newbie Neil should experience the astonishing Combe Laval. I still remember Andy’s near-delirious laughter last year when he saw it for the first time. Whether seeing it for the first time, or for the umpteenth, it can’t fail to amaze. And today the weather helped even more. And for Neil, that would be the second of two new experiences, the first being his first ascent of Col de Rousset.

So we went the normal route to Combe Laval: Col de Rousset, Vassieux, Col de Carri, Col de la Machine. Neil, let’s say, was left almost speechless with delight by the time we reached St Jean-en-Royans.

The return was new to me, and though making a really testing 85 miles overall (with 2750m of ascent), completed possibly the most stunning route I’ve yet done. Instead of the hack back via Léoncel to Blacons and the D93, we headed up the D131 and D331 to the Tunnel du Pionnier, to take us back into the heart of the Vercors plateau, via an 1200m ascent to Font d’Urle, and thus a return to Die via the col de Rousset.

I’ll do a separate post about the D131/D331 route soon.

Today’s route:


2 thoughts on “Combe Laval and Tunnel du Pionnier

  1. Looks like you’re struggling with bad weather !…..the P2R lads look like they’ve had too much good food already 😉 enjoy the views team………………..jealous………..Ant

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