Diversions: Vallée de Charsac

​It’s just 8km on the already quiet main road from Beaufort-sur-Gervanne to one of my favourite coffee stops at Blacons (Bee’s is the café, by the way), and it’s a nice run with a tailwind. But if you can take a little longer for a diversion, head first for the lovely little Tuscan-looking perched village of Montclar, then head down to the D617, which joins the Charsac valley. It doesn’t serve any villages, just a few farms and houses, so the km markers simply give the distance to the D93, the main Drôme valley road.

As is not uncommon with these diversions, it is not a road for those in a hurry, and was slightly gravelly today. It certainly has pleasant and more interesting views than the main road. It also has a couple of nice views of exposed geology, which will please those with such an interest.

As you near the promised D93, there is the unmistakable profile of Les Trois Becs.


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