Minor roads: Bourdeaux to Dieulefit

​I’m having fun searching out roads I haven’t ridden before. Whilst the more mountainous areas are restricted in options, certain areas remind me of Devon, in the rich network of roads, all of which, I’m sure, have an interesting history. 

One of these areas is the one south west of the Saoû to Bourdeaux road. And on today’s ride the first of my diversions was from Bourdeaux to Dieulefit via Comps. (If you want the road numbers they are the D191a, and the D547.)

I was glad to be riding it north to south today, as the D191a part was awash with fresh gravel – manageable ascending, but would have been a nightmare the other way.

There were stunning views of the Col de la Chaudière (which I’d used to get to Bourdeaux), an interesting little Romanesque church near Comps, and a nice descent into Dieulefit. It has the look of a road which was once more important than it is now. If you know the roads of Devon well, that will not be a surprising experience.


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