The Quint valley

​It’s all to easy to take for granted your surroundings. Well, I suppose it takes rather more effort here than most places, but even then with other things on your mind, such as how much soft fruit to buy, or how many cols will be on your route, it’s not that difficult to overlook beauty.

One of the benefits of a photographic blog is that it does encourage me to look for new scenes, enjoying different light, or a previously overlooked view.

Tonight, I just popped up the Quint Valley (just west of Die, from Sainte Croix) to do my standard 25-mile loop over the Col de Marignac, and the clarity of the evening light, and autumnal shades in the fields, had me wallowing in the beauty of this stunning valley. At the top end, beyond St Julien-en-Quint, are the ever present limestone cliffs of the Vercors plateau.

If you do the loop over the col, you then get the reward of another stunning view, of the mightly Glandasse.


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