A ride to Nyons

Nyons has been calling me for a while: the place appears on signs in Drôme Provençale, and tantalisingly close, but I knew it would make for a long day in the saddle. With a good forecast, and slightly rested legs, today was the day.

The route was a bit lumpy out (cols de Lescou and Sausse heading south from the Roanne Valley), and a bit flatter but longer back (via Dieulefit, Bourdeaux and Saoû).

The character of the landscape changes immediately the road emerges from the Gorges de Trentes Pas: not as dramatic, and more arid. Soft fruit and olive trees appear (Nyons is famed for its olives). I’ll be honest and say I found Nyons rather touristy, and it would be worth going on side roads to avoid as much of the Nyons to Valréas main road as you can: it was rideable, but busy with through traffic.)

The return journey was marked by extremely strong headwinds between Nyons and Dieulefit. I think it was no coincidence that I espied the mighty Mont Vrntoux during this part of the ride: it is justly known as the windy mountain.

Here’s the route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/15864092


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