Storm dodging

I suppose it’s predictable that I’ll talk about the weather, as one of the reasons I’ve ended up here is the climate: I like sun and warmth. But it’s been an odd year: February allowed me to cycle 400 miles during my week here, Easter had me lighting the fire, and June guests were not exactly overheating. And the weather systems still haven’t settled, even though temperatures are now hitting 30C+ (as expected) on the better days. But still storms are popping up all over the place.

Indeed, the forecast for today had been pretty terrible, and rainfall radar showed very heavy rain all around. Today’s stage of the Tour de France was badly hit. But just for once I read the weather right here – after a couple of hours of solid rain around lunchtime, the skies brightened, and I set off on a short ride to Luc-en-Diois. But sensing that the forecast later storms were missing us, I deviated, and added on a trip up through Jansac to Col de Pennes and back down through Aucelon and the Roanne Valley. 

On the credit side, the sun made a wecome appearance; on the debit side they had been resurfacing the Roanne Valley with lots of chippings, as yet unswept, so a very slow descent back to the Drôme was in order. Still, I mustn’t complain – it’s a miracle many of these roads ever got built in the first place, so I ought not to begrudge their receiving the odd bit of maintenance.


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