Last glimpses of Autumn 2015

I’ve had the pleasure of welcoming musician friend Jonathon for the end of my stay here. Here for just three days, he hired a very rideable bike from Vélodrôme for just 54€ for these days, and it’s given me the pleasure (as ever) of thinking where to take someone who is new to the area.

Yesterday’s first ride was up the Roanne Valley and back via Saoû forest. Today was going to be the loop to Mens via the cols de Menée and Grimone, but Grimone is closed for maintenance, so with a clear Vercors, we headed up the Col de Rousset for the loop via Col de la Battaille. A misty start in Die quickly led to blue skies just after the lavender fields of Chamaloc. And then I kicked myself for not having taken my Sony HX50, as the colours of the trees were astounding. So the few pictures that follow were taken on my phone.

And then tomorrow is the day of departure for both of us. I’ll be back at New Year.






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