An ambition achieved…

I’m coming to the end of my stay here for now, and I’ve got no complaints: the weather has been nearly all fabulous (it’s still managing 30C in the shade at the end of August), I’ve enjoyed the company of several friends, and also some time by myself. Of course I’ll be sad to leave the place behind for a while, but I can take the memories back with me.

I’d wanted to do 2000 miles in my five weeks here, so this week needed another 400 to get there. After the tiring 102-miler to Col d’Allimas, I took a rest day the day after (and used it to sample, for the first time, Die’s fantastic open-air swimming pool). That meant that the last couple of days would need about 150 miles clocked up, and with Monday being the day when I leave (so only suitable for a shorter ride), Sunday was the day for a good long route. I fancied a flat one down to Montélimar, and with a southerly wind forecast, a clockwise route, with a decent stretch up the west bank of the Rhône was picked.

As it turned out, the legs felt good, the wind didn’t play any mischievous tricks, and as I came in to Die I looked at the bike computer to see that I’d done 104 miles at 20mph, and thus, almost accidentally, fulfilled a five-year ambition to do 100 miles at that speed.  Most satisfactory. And some nice views en route too, snapped quickly.

The route:

The approach to Die

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