Paris-to-Romers (and Sue) depart

This has been a great week with friends here: Andy, Keith, Anthony and Sue have been excellent companions. Bike riding, sightseeing, eating, laughing, enjoying warmth, sunshine and each other’s company have made the week whizz by. Sue has been having great fun in creating fabulous meals out of local produce, and I think we four cyclists have done a pretty good job in demolishing every delicious meal put in front of us, including Andy’s paella. I’m pretty sure none of us has lost weight through calorie deficit.

The last ride was, by special request (of Keith and Anthony), Combe Laval. It was, of course, Andy’s first sight of this remarkable combe: it is remarkable in itself, but the 19th-century balcony road is also extraordinary. This time we did Col de Rousset, Col de St Alexis, Col de Proncel, Col de Carri, Col de la Machine, and returned by Col de Bacchus. Andy’s open-mouthed amazement at the top of the combe was priceless, and the increasing madness of the road brought smiles to all our faces, mine included.

So, six days of riding, 400 miles covered, and still several classic routes they need to do. I’m pretty confident they’ll all be back at some point, maybe with that full (elusive) Paris to Rome reunion.

In the meantime, a selection of photos, some from Sunday’s windy and damp trip to Serres via the Col des Tourettes, but mostly from today’s blissful ride in the sun to Combe Laval.


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