Paris to Rome in Die

This week was intended to be a complete reunion of my Paris to Rome (2013) friends, but unfortunately a couple of them were unable to come. However that still left four of us, and friend Sue, who came out last year, was delighted to be asked to take the fourth space in the car coming from Exeter, along with returnees Keith and Anthony, and newbie-to-Die, Andy.

There are two reasons there haven’t been more posts this week. One is the frustratingly unpredictable Blogger app (which Google seems to be allowing to wither on the vine), another is the series of rehearsals and concerts around Die I’ve been involved in, and most of all the immense amount of fun I’ve been having with very good friends. It remains one of my chief delights in this house: sharing the delights of the area with friends, and sharing good times with them. It’s been a vintage week for that. But not such a vintage week for photos, as they have not been at the forefront of my mind.

We’ve done some lovely rides so far: to La Chapelle, Col de Muse and Saoû, Gorges des Gâts, and Serres via the Col des Tourettes. Weather-wise, up until yesterday afternoon it had been stunning, but a thorough soaking was experienced on the return from Col de Carabès, and this morning was spent in Banette while thunder and heavy rain passed through. I’d been planning on documenting the Col de Carabès yesterday (and would have done the same for the unexpectedly stunning Col des Tourettes), but the camera stayed in the dry in my jersey. I’ll be back there soon to make amends.

Tomorrow is my visitors’ last day, and with a good forecast, the suggestion is to introduce Andy to Combe Laval. Always a stunner.

For now, just a photo of the four riders at Col de Muse: the last time I was here it was distinctly un-sunny. The day we went this week was a good one to have sun cream on.


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