The new bike

If you’ve been following this blog and looking at the photos, you might might have become familiar with my Cannondale SuperSix. I’ve had the bike since 2010, and it has it taken me around the roads of Devon and Drôme region over about 18,000 miles, including the epic ride down to Die three years ago. It’s a great bike to ride when all’s going well, but I’d have to admit that it has its fair share of mechanical issues, both with the headset and the bottom bracket. (For non-bike riders you are excused, and may jump to the next paragraph, or just look at the photo.) Anyway, despite the attentions of the excellent mechanics at Vélodrôme, it has become clear that the bottom bracket issue will only be resolved if Cannondale can sort out movement in the carbon fibre surrounding the BB30. (See, I did tell you to skip this paragraph if you’re not interested in bikes.)

So, with a group of my Paris to Rome friends arriving this week, before I set off for Serbia, I bit the bullet, and plumped for a Colnago from a ‘well-known online bike retailer’, who delivers free to France. I love my Colnago CX-1 that I have in Devon, and with the Euro being low against the Pound still,  there were some good bargains to be had from the European division of this retailer. Bike ordered roughly in time for my return and the arrival of the English contingent. As it happened, the timing worked out perfectly: I arrived back early on Tuesday morning, and I had a text saying my bike was arriving later that day, my friends arriving on the Wednesday.

And so, to cut the long story a bit short, I have a lovely new “Designed in Italy” bike without all the mechanical groaning of late of the Cannondale. And so I present you with a photo of the bike on its inaugural ride up the Col de Rousset. I can’t think of a better way to start its life in France. 


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