February 2015

Apologies for the unimaginative post title, though it “does what it says on the tin”: my February half-term getaway, again with my brother. We travelled entirely by train, and though it’s still a long day (my preferred choice these days is to fly to Paris Charles de Gaulle, and then train from there), everything was as easy as it could be, with no hitches, and it was both cheaper and easier than driving.

The week was spent with a combination of walking, reading, cycling, and relaxing. The weather started with cold and wet, and finished in glorious blue skies and sun (well, apart from the day of departure: back to rain). Photos below are from our arrival, walks round Vercheny, up the Meyrosse valley, Luc-en-Diois and Le Claps, and a ride to Saoû. In amongst them you’ll see a photo of the ‘nest’ of Processionary Moth Caterpillars (apparently a threat to the pines, but amazing all the same), and a red kite near Luc.

Riding-wise, just a couple of shortish ones: a loop to Recoubeau and back via St Roman (the plan had been to go as far as Luc-en-Diois, but the weather had other plans), and the loop to Saoû, here.

Les Liotards
Lichen gone mad

From Vercheny towards the Roanne Valley
Home for the Processionary Moth Caterpillar

In the Meyrosse valley
A typical ‘cloud cap’ in the Meyrosse valley
A red kite near Luc-en-Diois
Building blocks near Luc-en-Diois
Geological stuff near Le Claps
Donjon de Lastic, near Saoû
Les Trois Becs from inside the perched valley near Saoû
The head of the Meyrosse valley, taken from the Col de Romeyer

The Col de Rousset, from the Col de Romeyer


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