I suppose that this blog is primarily for those with an interest in cycling, but I hope that there’s enough here to amuse and inform those who are interested in the area, or who just like looking at pretty pictures or hairpin bends. One of the joys of cycling is that if you like variation you are bound to try to find new routes and places, you travel at a speed which allows you to take a lot of it in, and it’s easy to stop and enjoy places of interest.

Châtillon-en-Diois is one of the places cyclists are almost bound to pass through, as it’s on the road to the Menée and Grimone cols. However, the main road passes below the medieval part of the village, and a detour up to this well-preserved example is well worth the effort.

I’m not going to do the whole tourist board stuff – you can look that up on the internet easily enough for yourselves. All I will say is that if you go there, please can you count how many water fountains there are in this tiny place and let me know, please? I’ve never seen anywhere with as many, and I found three more while taking photos there today. Oh, and if you see the washing in one of the photos, yes, it was clean.


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