You’ll have to forgive a slightly lower col and post count for a day or two. Firstly I managed to drop and crack the screen on my tablet (and primary means of posting here) yesterday, making it unusable; secondly, my Cannondale SuperSix is in need of some repair/maintenance.

I could use the phone for blogging, but now I’ve got a camera I think takes such good photos, I’m going to leave posting till I’ve got time to do it properly. I’m only two posts behind at the moment, one of which is the beautiful Col de Grimone.

The bike, I’ll admit, is suffering a little from lack of thorough maintenance (I tend to want to ride the thing rather than tinker with it): items needing attention are pedal bearings, freewheel, and most importantly, the bottom bracket. (At least I know the French for that now: le boîtier de pédalier.) The first two I’ll sort out in due course, and the bottom bracket (a pesky BB30 for those of you who know their bottom brackets) is booked in to be fixed/replaced by the local bike shop (a Cannondale dealer) on Thursday. Perhaps I should have been gentler up all those cols. Or perhaps BB30s are rubbish. In the meantime  I’m pootling about on my old 5-speed Dawes.

Anyway, I couldn’t do a post without a pretty picture, so here’s one from last evening, with the Glandasse wearing its oft-worn hat of cloud.


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