Roadside flowers

The unusual amount of rain here this summer has had the positive side-effect of lush greenery and abundant flowers. One of the joys of cycling, if you’re doing it for fun, is that a bike takes along at just the right speed to see lots of stuff around you, without taking too long to get anywhere. (Of course if you’re doing really proper training you’ll be hurting too much to be sightseeing as well – but I like to think that I can push myself reasonably hard as well as taking in the world around me. But then, I’m not racing.)  Combine that with the ease of stopping and the quality of relatively cheap decent cameras (I’m mostly using a Sony HX50), and in an area as photogenic as this, you soon have a pile of photos taken. And so for something a bit different, I’ve been stopping to take snaps of those easily overlooked roadside flowers.
Well, I’m no botanist, so I’ve no idea what the names of the below are, in English or in French. And sort-of apologies for being so unscientific and giving you no scale for the flowers. But I hope you’ll agree that there is something pretty in all of these photos, though some of them are tiny flowers. And in that case, what’s the importance of size?

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