Three classic routes

As time goes on I’ll post as many of the routes that I’ve done as I can, both as an aide memoire for me, and as a resource for other cyclists using Die as a base. This time round there are three new routes, in each of which I wanted to try out some roads new to me, and to create some ‘classic’ rides. I was pleased with each, though the credit for that goes to the superb scenery and roads round here.

The first route is the one I did with James Morrison up the Gorges de la Bourne. A couple of notes – I think we missed a nice little bit of balcony at Les Goulets, as an alternative, just before the long tunnel after La Chapelle-en-Vercors; and you can take an alternative route down from Villard, by cutting over the hills instead of going back down part of the gorge. Try to do this when the weather up on the Vercors is going to be good: it can be really unpleasant up there while Die is baking in the sun all day.
 91 miles, Die – Gorges de la Bourne
Next was this solo effort, in which I wanted to get views of Mont Aiguille and the high Alps. Only four cols, but a cracking ride, with the added bonus of the Gorges des Gâts.
78 miles, Die – Col de Menée – Mens – Col de Grimone
Lastly, a bit of a toughie, starting with Col de la Chaudière, but a great mix of scenery. 
Don’t take the elevation data too literally: you’ll notice that Ridewithgps can’t handle tunnels or snaky gorges at all well, so climbing totals get severely exaggerated where there is much of either. That said, these are all routes where you’ll want some decent climbing legs and food to power you over the cols. There were no problems finding water to top up bottles en route.

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