Home alone – time to ride the bike, I think.

Well, after a memorable meal at L’Aubergerie at Barnave, an early departure the following morning for the Morrisons saw them load up the car and bikes and hit the road back to Blighty. They were the perfect guests, and the time flew by in a stream of riding, eating, the odd beer or two, and lots of card games. But now they had gone, and what to do?

Ride a bike, of course. I’ve covered a lot of the roads round here now, and though there’s not a single duff one, and I’m happy to repeat any route, I’m still on the look-out for new roads and routes for me.

So, in the photos below you’ll see photos from two new rides. The first started of with a familiar ride over the Col de la Croix and down the Gervanne Valley, but then I detoured on to Gigors, and its lovely elevated position, before heading back to Die via the main road – always good training for just pumping out the miles.

The second ride is another classic, I think. From Die I headed out over the 1454m Col de Menée, on the descent from which you get great views of the amazing Mont Aiguille. After Mens I returned via the Col de la Haute Croix and Col de Grimone. And the stunning extra is then the Gorges de Gats – unlike the Gorges de la Bourne, this road sits right at the bottom of a deep ravine, complete with tunnels. Sorry no photos of the Gorges though – but I’ll be back there again, for sure.


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