The Morrisons arrive!

Having had a few days by myself getting acquainted with the area, I was really pleased to welcome a family I’ve got to know through the Devon Youth Jazz Orchestra, which I’ve managed for over ten years now. James was a drummer in the band for a few years, and now, with a degree in law, having been one of the four riders who came down with me to Die last June, he thought that his parents, Jim and Mary, would enjoy a couple of weeks here. Both are keen walkers, and Jim is also into riding bikes and running. Oh, and all three are into cooking.

So, let’s forget about vigorous exercise, and at this point I should let on that the Morrisons took charge of all cooking and food buying duties for the entire time they were here. I introduced them to the superb twice-weekly market at Die, where the biggest worries are which of the numerous fruit-&-veg to buy from, and how to carry back the tray of 27 beautiful peaches you’ve just bought for €5.

Anyway, enough food for the moment, and on with the photos: from my first ride with James, up the Roanne Valley and over the Col de Pennes, and from a slightly longer amble this time beyond the next hamlet of Le Moulin. You’ll notice that big lump of rock again.


One thought on “The Morrisons arrive!

  1. What about the tomatoes. Unless you have been here then it is unlikely that you have seen anything like them. Makes bread and tomatoes for a lunch time snack ( with some oil and a few olives)a cordon bleu experience.


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