Local walking…

Despite being so close to town with all the amenities, we’re not short of extremely enjoyable walks in the area. Most paths are extremely clearly marked, with very helpful guideposts (giving timings to significant points on the route) and are colour-coded to help keep you on track.

There is also a good range of maps for cartophiles like me: published by IGN (Institut Géographique National) the most helpful ones for walking are the 1:25,000 series and a 1:60,000 Vercors special. One word of warning though: the paper they use self-destructs if it gets in the least bit damp, and tears easily along the creases with just normal use. I’ve ended up repairing/reinforcing mine with masking tape, but when you’re paying £10 a map, you expect better. Ordnance Survey really do take some beating, in so many respects.

Photos below are from the two closest walks to me, each starting from my front door: one over towards the Col de Villard, but taking the (slightly tricky to find) detour to Pas de Bret; the second, via Les Planeaux, and the Cols de Romeyer, Bergu and la Tour.


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