Heading further south…

15 August is significant date in Diois-land. Not only it the date of the unmissable festival at Lesches-en-Diois, but it is also a certain Wesson’s birthday. But both of those were evening activities – first I’d arranged to visit fellow trumpet teacher Phil Makin who, by coincidence, was staying with his wife Heather down south in bandit country, at Rosans. Well, it gave me an excuse to try out some new roads. And lovely they were too, especially the descent into Valdrôme, which sits in a basin that collects water from seven little valleys radially arranged and sends the result down the Drôme.
The reason for the Valdrôme detour was to make my way to Lesches in time for the birthday picnic and fireworks. I’ve no idea how many years they’ve had this all-day festival (apparently it marks the end of the settled summer weather), but if you’re into fireworks, it’s a great show. So, picnic with Wessons and Morrisons was had, Clairette was drunk, and the fireworks thrilled, with a very definite final salvo.

Sorry, no fireworks photos (I was too busy going “ooh” and “aah”), but a few from the ride, and of Phil on his departure from my house, when he called in a few days later.


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